I get lots of calls from advertisers trying to sell advertising to me, and one thing they always point out to me,

1.There product is always the best thing since sliced bread.

2.They always have a sale on.

3.If I dont buy it now, I will only have a few days to have it at this price.

Recently I have had Touch Local, and Thompson Local both met the criteria above.

Yellow Pages were a bit better, I have signed up and have until the publication date to cancel and pay nothing.

Customer Street have some sales people who are quite aggressive, so be wary of them.

Top marks however goes to Alistair Wales who markets "the best in Watford" website. He was not pushy at all, and just demonstrated the product. If I was not committed elsewhere I would have gone with him. I even got a call from him to fix his Oven. Hope all is working well with that one.