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View Article  Magnaclense your heating system
Its always pleasing to get some positive comments from customers. I have added two recently to the website - see the testimonial page.

The attached photos shows how effective the magnaclean filter is for removing the sludge from radiators and improving the heating performance.

Ring me if I can clean your heating system...
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View Article  Cleanning your System
If your radiators are cold in the bottom but hot at the top may indicate sludge.

We can clean out your radiators and add a magnetic cleaner called a magnaclean.

Can improve efficiency up to 7% (not my figures).
View Article  Central Heating Pumps
This is the time of year when people start turning the heating back on, and if the central heating pump has not been used, will invariably be stuck.

Systems of this is the boiler starting up and quickly switching off when the water boils - (usually the pump is moving the hot water out of the boiler and cooler back in).

Dont need to call the plumber straight away - on the front of the pump is a disc which can be removed, the rotor of the pump then can usually be freed by turning it with a screwdriver.

Take Care some water may come out......
View Article  Common Boiler Faults
Its cold and we have no heating, what can we do.

Sometimes there are a few basic checks that can be done.

Check 1 - Check The Power Supply.
I had an Electrician in my house and a mistake was made which meant that live and neutral were reversed. Because of this the Ravenheat CSI120 boiler failed to light and had an error code F01. Reversed the wires in the plug top and boiler was happy again.
The fuse may have blown in the plug or the spur - worth checking.

Check 2 - Check The Gas Supply.
Some customers have a pay as you go card for their gas. I have had a customer whose Baxi Boiler had an error code 7 or 9 - no ignition. Found that there was no gas at the appliance. The customer assumed that as she had £6 worth of reserve gas, that there was gas. On her particular meter she had to activate the reserve gas.
Once that was done, hey presto the boiler was working.
It would also be worth checking that the gas meter ECV (emergency control valve) has not been switched off - it does happen.

Check 3 - Check the water pressure
This information applies to combination boilers and boilers on a sealed system. Inside the boiler is a sensor which will not activate the boiler unless the water pressure is at 1Bar. There is usually a filling loop under the boiler, to top up the pressure if necessary. If the pressure keeps dropping indicates a leak and the cause would need fixing. However if the pressure has dropped a short term fix is to top up the pressure.

Check 4 - Freezing Weather check condensate.
This applies to condensing boilers only. These boilers produce a water vapour (condensate) which needs to drain away from the boiler. As this water is slightly acidic, it is drains away in 21.5mm plastic pipe. This needs to be insulated or IT WILL FREEZE. To Defrost carefully use a hair-dryer or hot water bottle.
View Article  Please check the ID of your Gas Engineer

Plumber fined for boiler scam

11:58am Monday 30th March 2009

An unqualified plumber who illegally fitted a faulty gas boiler ...   more »

View Article  Gas Safe Register

In 2 weeks to work on gas products you will need to be registered with the gas safe register NOT ...   more »

View Article  Common Washing Machine Faults
Things to check before you call out an engineer.

Bosch, Indesit all stop working if the filter is blocked. This ...   more »
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A couple of days ago, I was contacted by a local Chinese Restaurant where there water leaking through the ceiling....   more »

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This is a tip from a fellow plumber - Phil Castleden in Milton Keynes.
If you have a tap with ...   more »
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I recently got a call from a friend of a friend about a chap who was having trouble getting ...   more »

View Article  Advertising

I get lots of calls from advertisers trying to sell advertising ...   more »

View Article  Hello Ian Foster Here

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